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Deniane Gutke Kartchner


Oscar Gutke and Mary Matilda Tillie

I was working on family history today and I am a little confused on something that came up. According to Family Search....

1893 - Mary Matilda (Tillie) married William Henry Olsen 18 Jan 1893 in Terrace, Box Elder, Utah.
1893 - Gladys Lucille Olsen is listed as being born 27 May 1893 in Oakland, CA. (But parents listed on Family Search are Mary Matilda Henderson and Oscar Julius Gutke).

1893 - Oscar Julius Gutke married Rhoda Ann Player 8 Mar 1893 in Smithfield, Cache, Utah
1894 - Rhoda Ann Player died 31 Dec 1894 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.
1894 - Marie Hazel Gutke born 11 May 1894 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.

1895 - Gladys Lucille Olsen died 27 June 1895.

1899 - Mary Matilda (Tillie) married Oscar Julius Gutke 17 April 1899 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States.
1900 - John Edgar born 6 June 1900 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.
1903 - Doris Gertrude Gutke born 28 August 1903 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.
1905 - Charles Herbert born 1 May 1905 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.
1908 - Alan Lovey born 3 April 1908 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.

1918 - Son John Edgar dies 20 November 1918.

1922 - Gladys Lucille Olsen sealed to Mary Matilda Henderson and Oscar Julius Gutke 20 September 1922.

So, this is what I got from these records. Tillie was married before to a William Henry Olsen, and they had a daughter Gladys Lucille Olsen. This daughter was sealed to Tillie and Oscar rather than sealed to her biological father on 20 September 1922. (Oscar was sealed to both Rhoda Ann and Tillie that day, and all the other kids were sealed to Oscar and their respective mothers the same day according to records on Family Search.)

What about William Henry Olsen? There is a William Henery Olsen born in 1879 and married to Josephine Farr on 15 July 1903 in Ogden, Weber, Utah. Wonder if it's the same person. No death date mentioned but on 30 October 1942 Josephine Farr married Nels Benjamin Lundwall. She died in 1960.

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  1. Do we know how Rhoda Ann Gutke died? She died several months after Marie was born, so it wasn't childbirth? Or was it lingering complications from childbirth? Do you know?