This blog is dedicated to my parents, brothers, sister, and cousins who are descendants of Johannes (John) Gutke and Johanna Mork Gutke (pictured above). I am in the process of posting everything I have, so that I can back up documents/photos and also access the info from any location. There are likely to be mistakes, so check back often and feel free to comment if you have corrections!


Deniane Gutke Kartchner


Clyde and Gladys Gutke buried in Holladay

My sister wanted to visit our grandparents' graves today, so I am posting some information for her as well as anyone else who would like to visit at some time.

Clyde and Gladys Gutke are buried in Holladay Memorial Park. The address is 4900 South Memory Lane (2000 East) in Holladay, Utah. The grave(s) are in the middle section shaped like a kidney bean and called "Garden of Cumorah". There are silver hubs that pinpoint the locations, and Grandpa and Grandma's are by the hub that says "19 East 19 South". Clyde is number 6, Gladys is number 10. Also located in the area are the graves for Uncle Wid (Willard Gutke), Uncle Hank (Harold Ralph Gutke), Aunt Laurel Gutke. 

Here is a photo of the headstone:

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