This blog is dedicated to my parents, brothers, sister, and cousins who are descendants of Johannes (John) Gutke and Johanna Mork Gutke (pictured above). I am in the process of posting everything I have, so that I can back up documents/photos and also access the info from any location. There are likely to be mistakes, so check back often and feel free to comment if you have corrections!


Deniane Gutke Kartchner


Oscar wounded by his own gun

Newspaper: Reno Evening Gazette
Publication: 25 Jan 1932 - Reno, Nevada

Oscar Gutke, night watchman at the Fordonia building, was wounded by the accidental explosion of his pistol last night. The weapon fell from his trousers pocket and went off, the bullet passing through the flesh of his thigh. He was treated at the hospital and will suffer no serious results, the physician said.

In July, 1930, Gutke came to grief while making his rounds of the building. He attempted to eject a large cat of the alley variety that was in the Palace Dry Goods store, but the cat clawed and bit his hand, injuring it badly.

Ancestry.com. Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. Original data: Reno Evening Gazette. Reno, NV, USA. Database created from microfilm copies of the newspaper.

Newspaper: Nevada State Journal
Publication: 26 Jan 1932 - Reno, Nevada
"For the third time since holding a position of night watchman Oscar Gutke has come to grief Sunday night he was wounded by the accidental explosion of his pistol when it fell from his trousers pocket. The bullet caused a flesh wound in his leg. In July 1930 while attempting to eject a large alley cat from the Palace Dry Goods store he was severely clawed and bitten. Since that time he was involved in a damage suit in connection with In official capacity [sic] as night watchman of the Fordonia building.

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