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Deniane Gutke Kartchner


Carl F. Gutke retires from Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad company

Carl Gutke, lead man for Salt Lake boilermakers and for 25 years and 7 months a top mechanic for Rio Grande, announced his retirement May 31.
First joining the Rio Grande on March 1, 1895, Carl worked as boilermaker until 1903. He then resigned to become foreman of boilermakers for an Arizona Mining Company. He filled this position until December, 1922, when he again returned to the Rio Grande.
In 1925 and ’26 he was steel car shop foreman and was boiler foreman in 1927-28. He has been lead man and assistant to “Buck” Owen and Hugo Ogaard for 17 years.
            Carl has five sons and one daughter, and all five of the boys served apprenticeships with Rio Grande. Three are boilermakers and two are machinists, but none of them is working for the railroad at the present time.
            Carl was in charge of building the Rio Grande’s power house at Salt Lake. Framework for the building was made of reclaimed steel.
            Fred Gutke, father of Carl, was the first blacksmith on the Rio Grande and was foreman prior to 1894. Fred Gutke also worked from January, 1923, until his death late in ’24.
            Carl and his wife enjoy good health and plan to care for four acres of fruit and a small garden located on Holladay Blvd. Carl expects to do some fishing and spend some time with flowers and his family. He has 13 grandchildren.

            A gold watch and a war bond were presented to Carl Gutke, 4945 Holladay Boulevard, lead man for Salt Lake boilermakers and a top mechanic more than 25 years for Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad company, who was honored at a picnic Tuesday in Fairmont park on his retirement from active service.
            Mr. Gutke first was employed by the railroad in 1895 and worked as a boilermaker eight years. He next worked in Arizona until December 1922, when he returned to the railroad.
            He was in charge of building the powerhouse in railroad yards in Salt Lake City.
            Mr. Gutke is a father of a daughter and five sons. He and his wife plan to spend their time fishing and gardening on their small farm in Holladay. The Gutkes have 13 grandchildren.
            Salt Lake boilermakers Local 103, staged a get-together party, Tuesday, June 27th at Fairmont Park in South Salt Lake and at the same time honored Carl Gutke, their former lead man who retired June 1st. Chairman Howard Ricks was master of ceremonies and he introduced C.  L. Edman who presented Carl with a fine wrist watch and a war bond. Three hundred guests attended. A program of singing and dancing followed the picnic. Several shop supervisors were there, including Master Mechanic Walt Medlock; General Foreman Paul Stephens; and Boilermaker Foreman Hugo Ogaard. Frank Hains and Pat Maronnl assisted with arrangements.

Typed by Deniane Gutke Kartchner from newspaper clippings in a scrapbook owned by Norma Gutke Ellis. Date and newspapers not known.

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