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Deniane Gutke Kartchner


Nancy's Wedding Day by Elizabeth Monson

Nancy's Wedding Day June 19, 1959

The sky was dark and dreary

Rain was hovering overhead

When we went to the temple

To see Richard and Nancy wed

But the sun came out in splendor

Before the rites were through

Happy the bride the sun shines on

And happy the bridegroom too

Nancy looked very dainty

In her wedding dress

All lace and tulle and satin

A crown of pearls her hair did dress

Richard seemed kind of nervous

Responsibility I guess

A wife to keep a house to run

And plenty more or less

As they knelt before the altar

And said their solemn "I do"

To love and cherish each other

And be honest and good and true

I saw the lovelight in their eyes

For marriage is a sacred thing

Married for time and all eternity

Without end like a wedding ring

The marriage ritual was performed

By Apostle Harold B Lee

Who pronounced them man and wife

For time and all eternity

He gave to them a serious talk

And gave a blessing too

He said be honest with each other

In everything you do

If a problem huge besets you

And you know not what to do

Go before the Lord in prayer

And he will help you through

After the marriage ceremony

To the family now so gay

The bridegroom's parents gave a luncheon

At Harmens nice café

The bridesmaids and their escorts

Were the next in line

Tripping sweetly to the music

And keeping step just fine

When the dreamy waltz was over

The bride cut the wedding cake

Twas very good I had a taste

Nancy to be careful for goodness sake

Someone shouted as he took the knife

From her dainty hand. A timely hint

For them to slip away

Their friends try to part them

But Richard stood his ground

And tousled until he got away

And his bride he found

Some gave chase but did not catch them

As they wound in mid traffic

To lose their followers was their object

And they had to be alert and quick

No one seemed to be following

All at once they felt at ease

All is well that ends well

They spent their honeymoon in peace

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